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A departing flatmate left me this book: "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams. Something that is this good.... It'd be rude not to share! So I decided to write this website in order to let as many men as possible learn for themselves this amazing thing.

Ever since the seventies, reading Penthouse Forum, and the like. The male multiple orgasm always seemed to be a thing of speculation and complete unattainability...

Now, this book has come along to challenge that. they say that not only is it very attainable, after a few weeks of practise, but it's more pleasurable than the brief peak that we've been handed all these years. If you know Mitre Peak at Milford Sound, quite stunning and beautiful in itself... they say you could liken ejaculatory orgasm to that ...... but non ejaculatory, multiple orgasm to all the surrounding mountains going on and on...


You can find a great review of the book here:

You may be familiar with a sexual activity called edging, whereby you delay ejaculation by stopping movement just prior to ejaculation, extending play time, and if your partner is a woman, giving her a chance to come. The goal of edging is the delay, and the bigger, better orgasm. The goal of multiple orgasming is to NOT ejaculate, but to explore and advance the ecstasy prior to ejaculation. I'm not making this up, this knowledge had been around for thousands of years.

This goal takes some preparation and some requirements. First you're going to need some sort of a body. Any sort will do - but it does need to be well rested.

You'll also need to learn something, that while it may seem on the surface to be easy, it's not: count your breaths to 100. This is to develop your concentration. If you fail to get to 100, start from one again. I suspect this would work just as well for women.

You're also going to need an erogenous zone. Ideally it's your nipples. If you're lucky enough to already have them activated that's great, if not they can be activated. They say pinching, tickling, twiddling, nipping, biting can all work too, apparently.

Check out this video below for some tips

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises, are also important. The method is: on urinating, try stopping halfway through, then restarting - repeat this a few times. This makes the chain of events that much easier to all happen. Something a little like this guy perhaps, though to avoid what he's going through, it may pay to sit down till you get good at it. At first it will feel awkward but in time it may become your preferred method...

These are the three most important things.

Like a lot of self improvement, it just takes practise. It's normal that while still learning, you'll go over the edge and ejaculate. But perseverance brings rewards - once you have learnt you'll find ejaculation all a little ho-hum in comparison. At first you won't be sure, but with time (a few days) you'll start to find the orgasms increasing in intensity (river of sweet ecstasy) and you literally won't want to ejaculate.

If you have a lot of spare time on your hands, be careful not to over do it. Probably an hour of it's any amount.... you'll figure it out.

One Multi-Orgasmic man said: "learning this alone is easy, you don't need a full hard on, get a bit of oil, stick your stuff between your thighs either lying on your side or on your back, squeeze gently, and go for it. Your mood, your energy levels, will all influence the outcome. If you're learning with a partner, they can help by not pushing you over the orgasmic edge". There are methods listed in the book to help here.

An analogy that might help is it's a bit like changing gears in a car... in neutral you're just thinking about it- (uh-oh here it comes!) first gear: lightest brushing of your pecs and nips, second gear: lightest twisitng of your nips left and right and lightest pressure of your inner thighs on your penis, as the wave starts to hit go into third gear: where you increase the pressure on your nips and between your thighs. This orgasmic wave can be ridden for minutes at a time!

Get the book here THE MULTI-ORGASMIC MAN

Really they should be teaching this stuff at Physical Education classes at school - the world would be a better place.

Forever grateful to my flatmate for leaving me a copy of this book!

Please, if you only ever read one more book in your life, make it this one.

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